Details from the ICAO Task Force

Here are some interesting details from the latest meeting of the ICAO ADS-B Study and Implementation Task Force.

The “Boeing 787 ADS-B Deficiency Update” document was especially interesting.

Also of note, in the summary document, PDF page 92 the ICAO states:

“It was noted that there has been considerable alarmist publicity regarding ADS-B security. To a large extent, this publicity has not considered the nature and complexity of ATC…….  Studies should be made to identify potential encryption and authentication techniques, taking into consideration the operational need of air to ground and air to air surveillance applications. Distribution of encryption keys to a large number of ADS-B receivers is likely to be problematic and solutions in the near and medium term are not considered likely to be deployed worldwide. Internet based encryption strategies are not deployable when ground stations are pass receivers. “

Clearly, the ICAO knows the issue is perhaps “overblown”, and acknowledges that a “fix” is generally not forthcoming anytime soon.

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