Dropped feeder connections

All, if you are feeding us data, you may have noticed some dropped or unreliable connections from your feeder. The good (and bad) news is that this is due to the CPUs on our incoming servers being completely overwhelmed at certain times of the day, as well as the CPUs on our MLAT server being maxed out. I will be adding new capacity in the next couple of days, however, it’s not cheap, especially the way MLAT chews CPU cycles.

Reminder – please consider donating to the operational expenses fund at https://www.adsbexchange.com/donate.  Donations have been rather thin as of late, and the costs just keep going up.  I really want to see this site remain free for non-commercial use. Operating costs for this site are not insignificant.  We’re using 10 physical (and many more virtual) servers and 100-200 Mbits of bandwidth.




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