Latest Announcements – May 2017

Hello everyone, just wanted to update you on the latest things happening.

  1. We have a programmer working on what is shaping up to be an excellent historical flight path visualization tool for historical data.  Of course, this will be free to everyone, with no filtered aircraft. I anticipate this will be live by the end of May.
  2. Many people have inquired about “seeing their feed” online.  We are testing a new way to do this, by directing your feed to a certain TCP port, you would be able to pull up just your feed.  If you’re interested, get in touch.  I intend to release this more widely will full instructions shortly.
  3. We have a part-time programmer working on an overhauled Raspberry Pi image.  Our goal is to make it much more user-friendly to setup and relatively site agnostic (ie. you can feed other flight tracking sites along with ADSBexchange if you wanted).  This could also allow us to gather some additional performance stats from your station and display them to you online.  It will also support optional GPS ($15 USB stick) for portable use and very very easy deployment for extremely non-technical users.  We also intend to support USB cellular modems.
  4. We are developing a design for a weatherproof container for Raspberry pi and multiple USB dongles for 1090, 978 (in the US) and maybe even VHF reception.  The goal is to have the design be completely weatherproof and keep the electronics cool even when sitting in direct sunlight… all day…. in the desert.  Stay tuned for a parts and build list.
  5. We are (and have been) loading all the data in our downloadable JSON files into Amazon Redshift to make it SQL queryable. Amazon Redshift is a massively scalable database platform based on modified PostgreSQL and allows SQL queries against this data.  It can be directly connected to Tableau, Chartio, and many many other analysis tools. Click here for more information on options to access ADSBexchange data.
  6. For those curious about explanations for many of the data fields in the JSON file, and just on the VRS radar screen in general, I have some more detailed explanations here.




2 thoughts on “Latest Announcements – May 2017”

  1. I’d be interested in trying the “seeing your feed” via “specific TCP port” program/feature/trial/thingy.

  2. Hi Dan, the Feature Requests and Discussion forum is spammed by a zilion stupid adds 🙁
    Is it possible to block this anomymous spammer?

    Bye Joris

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