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New Profile Posts

  1. MDA
  2. Jonson Paul
    Jonson Paul
  3. Luis Colunga
    Luis Colunga James
    Which part of Arizona are you? I am in Hermosillo, Sonora. Pretty close, really interesting!
    1. James
      Easy Valley PHX, nothing too exciting! Nice to meet someone close! If you need any help setting up feeds in Mexico, let me know and Dan and I can see what we can do!
      Feb 11, 2019
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    2. Luis Colunga
      Luis Colunga
      Cool, let's have a talk later about what could be done.
      Feb 11, 2019
  4. Phil-a-Buster
    1 ping, and 1 ping only, LT....
  5. gavin
    Is there anyway to reduce the update interval time on the map so it's faster than 5 seconds?
    1. James
      No. That would break VRS even worse that 5 second refreshes do.
      Feb 1, 2019
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  6. Eric C
    Eric C
    Have Raspberry pi3 Model B+ running with SDR dongle. Instructions on feeds is still somewhat alien to me. Sure could use some help!
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    2. MDA
      What kind of help?
      Jan 22, 2019
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    3. James
      What ya need? Basic idea is dump1090 uses SDR to decode the signal into various formats. Feeder clients send data offsite to be merged with other feeders.
      Jan 22, 2019
  7. StratoCat
    Allways searching for balloons...
  8. vtec23
    vtec23 James
    Merry Christmas James
    1. James
      Merry xmas!
      Dec 25, 2018
  9. Bob Randolph
    Bob Randolph
    I didn't see where to look at my feeder stats.
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    2. Bob Randolph
      Bob Randolph
      you are leaving out something simple but vital
      Dec 30, 2018
    3. Bob Randolph
      Bob Randolph
      what about the port 3226 and port 3000 stuff
      Dec 30, 2018
    4. MDA
      3226 is used for SSH, on 3000 Grafana dashboard is serving data.
      If your Pi has internet connection just send me PM, I'll give you further instructions.
      Dec 30, 2018
  10. Fung Sai Hou
    Fung Sai Hou
    Current ADSB feeds to FlightAware, PlaneFinder, RadarBox24, ADSBExchange, OpenSky-Network, ADSBhub, VariFlight.
  11. vtec23
    vtec23 James
    I have time if i could help with forum etc
    1. MDA
      Reporting Spam is very helpful. Especially Asian languages.
      Nobody can watch this forum 24/7.
      Nov 23, 2018
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    2. James
      Oh man .. I have to remember how I made MDA a secrete moderator ... this forum software is not intuitive
      Nov 24, 2018
  12. vtec23
    vtec23 James
    i think we have a spam email in other not related to adsb section header you like sender wujing
  13. vtec23
    vtec23 James
    james what is a Api key not sure
    1. James
      Nov 16, 2018
  14. pil
  15. bigpond support
    bigpond support
    bigpond email support number australia
  16. vtec23
    vtec23 James
    Hello just a quick email to say thanks for the other night getting things sorted still running fine I’ve got a new power adapter on order but I’m going to keep it as a spare also FA stick can I just swop it over with old one when it comes or leave old rtl-sdr running.
    1. James
      No problem. Sometimes it's hard to troubleshoot these things remotely, I know the Pi can be sensitive to power issues because the SDR draw a lot of power.
      Nov 4, 2018
  17. joshepthomas
    Aol gold desktop
    PSIMPSON James
    Good evening James,
    When you get a free moment , could you work your below magic again as i notice some departures from JFK airport were not showing on the radar.
    Thank you

    Made some adjustments and turned down the concurrency for global web ui servers one more time.

    PS I think its mainly MLAT traffiic
  19. Nick
    RPi 3B+, 8 Segment Coco, PiAware Pro+
  20. BigNutz
    Trying to interact on the forums!!
    1. MDA
      Introduce yourself, say hello to members and then try to do more.
      Oct 13, 2018
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