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New Member Intro w/ Tech Questions

Discussion in 'Feeding' started by Phil-a-Buster, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Phil-a-Buster

    Phil-a-Buster New Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm a LONNNG time lurker, have been off comms since late summer of last year due to family issues, have wanted to feed data here for years, and finally have the time and opportunity to now.

    Again, I've read a lot of what you all have posted, and I could only hope to be as knowledgeable in this discipline as you folks are. So most of my knowledge is based on what you have written here, so thank you for that. Here's who I am:

    Lifelong aviation professional. FAA certified Commercial Pilot, flight instructor, and A&P mechanic. No professional avionics experience beyond removal & reinstallation of head units and boxes, making any and all knowledge of ADS-B, Mode-S, and the rest of the secondary surveillance systems I have (or think I have) is the result of self study and digging into these and other forums.

    I love teaching, but I love learning more. I've found that the two are interrelated and I often learn more from my students than they learn from me. I don't tell them though!

    That said, here are some questions I have to help me to better understand what I'm trying to do.

    1. If I use one of the FlightAware USB dongles, can I use that to feed ADS-B Exchange?
    2. If so, is it possible to feed more than one online flight tracking website simultaneously and with a single dongle, or does one need 1 SDR per service being fed?
    3. If I need 1 SDR dongle per service feed, can 2,3,or 4 seperate dongles all feed off the same antenna or does each need an antenna of it's own?
    4. Do most folks who feed flight tracking data stick to a single service, or do most provide feeds to 2 or more?

    Looking forward to the discussion,

  2. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    My answers are:
    @1 - Yes, FA stick is one of the best performing dongles. You can use it to feed ADSBx.
    @2 - You can feed multiple sites from one device with single dongle.
    @3 - See answer 2, you'll need 1 device with single dongle and single antenna.
    @4 - Depend on user but probably most are feeding multiple sites.

  3. Talle

    Talle New Member

    Hi there,

    I thinks this script is one of the best setup for multi site feeding. It has FR24, ads-b exchange, fa, etc.


    I started multi site feeding only a few weeks ago myself, and is now using the radarcape box to feed from my home site. And is experimenting with feeding from a local mountain top in addition.
    I feed FR24, ads-b exchange and opensky.
  4. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Beware FR24 feeds. Left alone FR24 will break all other feeds because it tries to take control of dump1090.
  5. vtec23

    vtec23 Moderator

    Does open sky not block data.
  6. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    OpenSky is filtering data, not that strict as others.
  7. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    OpenSky does filter data, there don't do by default but if you are a 'sponsor' - then you can have your traffic removed. I'm sure there are other ways to get it hidden as well, these universities are not going to want to piss off their special interest donors and supporters. At least that's what the guys comparing the data have emailed ADSBx.

    I asked OpenSky a long time about sharing ADSBx data in exchange for their data stream. They were extremely aggressive, and basically told me to go f my self. He bragged bout how his data stream was so big at 300MBps that he couldn't possibly share data and that if I wanted to apply as a researcher then I could get access to thier API, but only if I was a 'real researcher' with 'valid credentials'.

    Whatever. Jackasses just like FR24.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019 at 5:37 PM
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  8. vtec23

    vtec23 Moderator

    One reason James I surprised people share with them I only feed Adsb because of the work you guys put in .
  9. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    I really don't like telling people who to feed and who not to feed, that is up to the people who host feeds. ADSBx does the best we can and tries to keep the data as clean as possible. Removing VRS feeds and supporting Pi feeders is one of those ways.
  10. Phil-a-Buster

    Phil-a-Buster New Member

    How do I make this stop, nothing I do seems to work?

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  11. Phil-a-Buster

    Phil-a-Buster New Member

    This is what I'm trying to post (attached)

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  12. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    It the forum software, once you make a few short ports it will stop. To prevent Russian dick pill spam and Indian SEO spam, the forum makes new users post a few times. I think that's the setting? Right @MDA?
  13. Phil-a-Buster

    Phil-a-Buster New Member

    So you're saying I can't also get my Russian "Richard" pills here? Dang it! LOLOL
  14. Phil-a-Buster

    Phil-a-Buster New Member

    Well, I shall comply without protest!
  15. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    I can answer a few of these quickly before I need to take my old friend to his medical appointment.

    Yeah, OpenSky seems to suffer from a lot of academic arrogance, plus they don't want people to discover the commercial side of the business. The reports are designed as marketing for OpenSky.

    Coverage wise, most of the large metro areas have feeds. ADSBx would like to work with FBO, local municipalities, to get them data in exchange for plopping a feeder on the roof. FlightAware and FR24 does this, but I assume they also do some palm greasing to make it happen. The reception is hit or miss when we approach airports and FBO.

    ADSBx needs to concentrate on the smaller places, the Gallup NM type areas in the middle of nowhere. Western Europe, South America, Mexico, Northern Canada, Africa, Middle East, A lot of Asia and India needs more feeds.

    Northern Canada is really interesting because it would aid in search and rescue, and would increase safety and visibility for the cargo and passenger aircraft.

    One of the goals this year is to reach out the local CAP (Civil Air Patrol) and EAA organizations about getting feeds placed.

    We offered to help the US Forest Service with solar power feeders that use cell data, place them on fire watch towers and you can monitor all the air traffic if there is a fire or even when there is not.

    Clean data means not lagged, delayed, and virtually real time and accurate. We don't filter any traffic. Which means depending on the person, I might 'disappear' one day or die in mysterious circumstances.

    The Blue FlightAware ProStick was the first CHEAP SDR tailored to 1090 MHZ, it features an amp and filter. It's only good for 1090 mhz, aka airplanes. It's also the best performing due to the amp and filter.


    AirNav is selling these ones at a loss to increase feeder count so they can sell data to, I assume the hedge fund industry and whoever else. I also think AirNav is going to / has partnered with Spire, and AirNav needs to build a ground network to get clean data to augment Spire sat traffic.

    I've used the RTL-SDR with and without the LNA. You'll need the LNA to get Blue ProStick performance, https://www.amazon.com/Performance-Triple-Amplifier-RTL-SDR-Blog/dp/B078TBG4H8/ .

    Antenna placement is also very important. You want a clear view of the sky, preferable above the roof line and surrounding obstructions.

    The ADSBx feeder scripts send the output from dump1090 30005 (Beast/AVR) direct to ADSBx servers. Delay to the map is a few seconds, usually if the map isn't overloaded.

    Feeders -> Proxy Server 1 -> Ingest servers -> Data store -> Web servers -> Proxy Server 2 <- Incoming Web Map requests

    If this makes sense ...

    Dump1090 powers the ADS-B enthusiast industry. It's a piece of software that used the SDR to decode the RF transmission.

    If you need help setting things up, it's relatively easy.

    Pi, SDR, Antenna w/ Coax, and an Internet connection.

    You can use whatever image, ADSBx custom has dashboard and will feed every other ASDBx site. Avoid the FR24 images, and be careful when installing the feeders.

    The ADS-B sites are pretty nasty to each other, particularly FR24 to everyone else.
  16. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    Ordered and under test. Until now I don't see significant difference in performance to FA blue stick.
    I'll post long term test results soon. Price is really good - 50% of FA Pro+.
    One thing I don't like is very bright LED inside.
  17. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah... I was going to de-solder that ...lol
  18. Phil-a-Buster

    Phil-a-Buster New Member

    Do you guys take the FAA's ASDI feed? I suspect the masking and filtering caveats wouldn't really align very well with the ADSBx brand identity!
  19. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    We do not and can't take any of the government feeds like FlightAware due to the LoU required blocking.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019 at 10:38 PM