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November 16th 2018 JSON REST API

Discussion in 'ADSBX Announcements' started by James, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    JSON Rest API is coming along slowly but working well, so far.

    ADSBx REST API servers now cache 10 second live data for most requests, and processes requests based on that memory cache. The idea is to reduce the request load on the servers by using in ram caching and some other tricks to serve the requests.

    Theoretically we could build a live map with this one day.

    I'm going to try an implement the useful VRS map filters as we build this out more.

    I would eventually like to have multiple versions of this in PHP, Golang, NodeJS, etc.

    If you want to use the JSON data and you are a feeder. Let me know and I'll give you an API Key.



    ADSBx REST API request format

    All Aircraft


    All Aircraft within x NM of point located at latitude, longitude ( 37.1661, -119.44944 )


    Aircraft by Callsign


    Aircraft with ICAO hex code


    Aircraft(s) broadcasting a squawk code


    Aircraft(s) with ADSBx community registration information


    Aircraft tagged by ADSBx community as Military


    More REST API Filters coming soon.

    • interesting (user tag)
    • filter by altitude
    • filter by speed

    This is a good way to get LIVE data.
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  2. janrinok

    janrinok Member


    I would appreciate it if I could have an API key - I feed Lezardrieux03 and Lezardrieux_Test. My plan, if you are happy for me to do so, is to build access to the JSON data into the display software that I am building. That will give me the opportunity to display and compare available data with actual received data to assist in evaluating antennae and receiver performance.
  3. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

  4. janrinok

    janrinok Member

    I've tried that but it isn't working at present - it suggests that I try an alternative method, hence this request. I'd send you a PM if I knew how to....

    "Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the administrator by another method."
  5. Olivier

    Olivier New Member

    Sent a message succesfully from the contact page
  6. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Pushed an update today to improve cache and processing. Also added requesting IP field to results.
  7. markd

    markd New Member

    great idea.. wish I had some free time to test.
    Note, is the idea to support other return types? The "json" in the first URLs are possible redundant
    and not aligned with the other requests? My suggestion is JSON by default, with url param ?type=xml etc
    in future..
  8. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    umm .. XML is a terrible format for web data. I blame Microsoft for pushing XML ...

    The JSON was for some of my initial code, I was going to also return the VRS format (which I still can).


    I'll update it to the above this week.

    This API started as a replacement for VRS AircraftList.json output, but the more I played with VRS the more I realized that I probably couldn't replace the output of VRS with other code without 100's of hours of work.

    VRS generates a lot of things on the fly that should be flat files or be generated only when needed and served as flat files.

    It really wasn't meant to be used how ADSBx uses it.
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  9. markd

    markd New Member

    https://adsbexchange.com/api/aircraft/all/ - better aligned, also the 'json' should be removed from lat/log/dist API.

    I would never suggest XML, JSON should be the only format supported.

    The VRS output to the browser is ugly..

    There is a better approach somewhere in between VRS and FA.
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  10. James

    James Administrator Staff Member