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pi SD issue

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sho3R7TeL86M, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Sho3R7TeL86M

    Sho3R7TeL86M Member

    So I noticed, everytime I login I have 18 updates.
    Webmin needs updating.
    Deja Vu.

    So it seems that everything works. The SD is writable and I can edit files.
    When I reboot the pi, everything, all changes are reverted to before I did anything.

    Bad SD? Met it's write limit?

    I can image it and put on a new SD, but I have to climb up there and get it....ugh.

    Input? Ideas?
  2. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Try df -h

    Maybe it's full? Awkward things can happen when sd cards go bad too.
  3. eddb

    eddb New Member


    try to image it to a usb stick and boot from there...
  4. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Did you figure out what the issue was?
  5. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    Same problem yesterday, card suddenly became read only.
    Strange thing that it looks OK, I can edit files, save changes and after some time card is reverted to previous state.
    New card, problem solved.
    If your Pi is not easily accessible, invest money in better SD card.
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  6. Sho3R7TeL86M

    Sho3R7TeL86M Member

    Just to respond, it was simply a bad as card like MDA said.
    Been running fine since.