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Unknown aircraft

Discussion in 'Spotting and Interesting Aircraft' started by Alex Wiebe, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Alex Wiebe

    Alex Wiebe Member

    Thoughts on this bird spotted near Winnipeg? My ADS-B is weak, so at this altitude it was within 100km.

    Nothing showed up on the global radar view, just my custom view (on the site). No access to home equipment at the moment. So this is all I got.

  2. Alex Wiebe

    Alex Wiebe Member

    A bit more info:
    ICAO: 29CBBF doesn't show up in the few places I know to search.
    Altitude: Was humming along around 2700' then spiked to over 6,000'! and then back down to 2700' before following a "normal landing" trajectory.
    No location blip on the radar - guessing because Mode-S and lack of partner receivers.
    Call sign CFC2221 - any database that one could look these up in?

    My initial thought was some kind of test equipment (due to sparsity of data, and the altitude spike I happened to observe).
  3. freqhopping

    freqhopping Member

    Canadian Armed Forces for sure. Likely a C-130. Over Saskatchewan heading east with the same callsign on the 13th.
    But on several days there have been TSKR### (Tusker- 14th Wing), TNDR### (Thunder-8th Wing) and RSCU### flights various places in Canada with the same hex code which is a common miscode. There are probably a few mis-coded Canadian C-130s. Usually the three numbers is the same as the last three of the aircraft's registration. I've seen 335, 336, 341, 343 and 344 using 29CBBF.
  4. Alex Wiebe

    Alex Wiebe Member

    Interesting - thanks for that information!