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[WORKING] New ADSBExchange base image v1.0

Discussion in 'Feeding' started by James, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Ohh I didn't installed a webserver ? Is that wont install itself!?


    Installing Piaware Official SD
    And then install ADSBx via Script.

    Hope it works
  2. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Problem fetching data from dump1090.
    AJAX call failed (error: Not Found). Maybe dump1090 is no longer running?
    The displayed map data will be out of date.

    This is the error
  3. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Only my guess.
  4. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Thanks Guys All Of One Who Helped Me :) <3

    BTW Its Working Fine Now but Open WiFi and Secured WiFi is not connecting. Now connected through Ethernet Cable. Whats the issue with that?

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  5. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    Go to Raspi config and configure WiFi.
    sudo raspi-config
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  6. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    This isn't the ADSBx custom image so .. you likely have to configure wifi ...

    What did you do? FA 3.6.3 plus ADSBx script install?
  7. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Yes it worked , Thank you
  8. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Yes its not ADSBx image , when I use adsbx image , my mode s beast is not working , not even blinking the led too indicate its powering up or working
  9. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    @MDA , How to share this data to FR24?
  10. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    We are on ADSBx forum, just install their feeder.
    More details you can find on FR24.
    Is ADSBx MLAT client already installed and running?
  11. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Nope i got the method but I confused at this point

    Step 4.1 - Receiver selection:
    1 - DVBT Stick (USB) -----------------------------------------------------
    2 - SBS1/SBS1er (USB/Network)
    3 - SBS3 (USB/Network)
    4 - ModeS Beast (USB/Network)
    5 - AVR Compatible (DVBT over network, etc)
    6 - microADSB (USB/Network)
    7 - SBSx via Basestation (localhost:30006)

    Enter your receiver type (1-7)$:4

    Step 4.2 - Please select connection type:
    1 - Network connection
    2 - USB directly to this computer

    Enter your connection type (1-2)$:2

    Step 4.3A - Please enter your receiver's COM port number/device path $:COM3 (You can find COM port by going to Device Manager -> Ports (COM & LPT)

    So FR24 Support says that use first option 1) Network Connecton and Use Ip address . Im confused here Network or USB
  12. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    Search their forum directly or use Google. You'll get plenty of answers.
    Here we are trying to help with decoder and ADSBx feeder setup.
    I can't waste my time by searching FR24 or FA for possible solutions in case of problems with their feeders.
    DIY, we have same search results ... ;)
  13. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Okay thanks Marcin. Im not using ADSBx image bcos when I use this my Mode S beast its not turning on . Thats why , Anyway again thanks to all of you guys who helped me in this forum to solve issues , Have a good day :)
  14. MDA

    MDA Administrator Staff Member

    It is nothing about ADSBx image. You can install mlat-client using script method, doesn't matter what you use as base OS.
    In case of troubles with ADSBx feed feel free to ask, we'll try to help.
  15. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Must be drivers on the ADSBx image? I don't know, and I don't have one to test - pretty pricey for what it is ...
  16. lemonodor

    lemonodor New Member

    Are there instructions somewhere on how to install the Flightaware clients on the ADSBx image?

    (It seems like adsbexchange offers two images: A slightly modified piaware that doesn't include the grafana dashboards etc., or the nice custom image with grafana etc. but no piaware--is that true? it seems like an all-in-one image that included flightaware and adsbexchange feeding would be popular.)
  17. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    Install piaware and feed FA. I don't have time to support FA & FR24 every time they get a hair up thier ass and decide to break every feeder but their own.

    FlightAware is poop de pew and does nothing for anyone. But I guess people like to have long dongle contests ...

    See Tutorials ... Beware FA will break all feeds but their own, at some point, if you leave auto updates on. FR24 will also overwrite your configs unless you manually set it to not try to take over, and on update FR24 client will try to take control off dump1090 and turn off the beast port since they only use the raw port.

    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019 at 12:51 AM
  18. lemonodor

    lemonodor New Member

    Interesting! Thanks for the prompt reply--sounds like I'll keep Flightaware off this machine.

    Does the adsbx base image have a phone-home capability? I don't see it mentioned anywhere in this thread, but I see zerotier-one running in the image.
  19. James

    James Administrator Staff Member

    It has ZeroTier and joined to the ADSBx network holding pen, but it doesn't phone home with anything. It's only enabled for remote support if needed.

    You can feed FA, Radarbox, FR24, and any other side, just keep auto update disabled and don't install dump1090-fa, be sure that you know what their feeder clients are trying to do.

    FR24 is particularly a pita because it phones home and they get caught once a year or so breaking Pi feeders.

    Dump1090-fa can be installed, but you need to know what you are doing to overwrite the the current dump1090-mutability.

    I might change over to dump1090-fa. I have to get some time to test it.

    sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks
    sudo zerotier-cli leave <network hex>
  20. C130Jeff

    C130Jeff New Member

    STRATUX hardware question:
    I was pointed to this site from a Reddit post about the stratux that James put up about a year ago. I have a STRATUX built, and I have installed and run the image for ADSB exchange on the hardware, and I like how it runs. I would like to know if anyone has made an image that works as both exchange and STRATUX.

    namely what I would like is:
    Pi checks for wireless networks - if one is around, it connects, and it can function like the feeder
    If no known network is around - it broadcasts the STRATUX SSID and I can join this and use like a normal STRATUX
    (I have found scripts to do something similar on a Pi - but I am not sure how to integrate this for this project without messing up both of these images)

    As a bonus - if the 1090Dump webserver is still available in the STRATUX mode, it would be great. I really like the offline map capability that is built into the image and would like to know if there is also a way to
    A) add images for offline base layers
    B) use the GPS for a position fix instead of the configuration file if the GPS exists.

    I know that this is an interesting wish list, but I figured I would ask.