BEGINNERS #1: Improve the Whip Antenna of DVB-T

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    When DVB-T Dongle is purchased, a whip antenna is supplied with it. Every beginner uses this whip in his starter setup.

    Improve the performance of this whip antenna by three simple steps given below:

    (1) Whip is too long for 1090 MHz. Cut it to 67mm.

    (2) Magnetic base provides an insufficient ground-plane. Enlarge ground-plane by placing the whip over a Metallic Can/Box/Plate. An added advantage of placing whip over an iron/steel can is that whip’s magnetic base will cling to the can and keep the whip stable & upright.

    (3) Signal is weak indoors. Place whip near a window or in attic to get maximum signal.

    improved whip

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    Take care, the whip is made of hardened steel. Electronic cutting pliers may suffer from an attempt to cut it.



    Be carefull, usually there is piece of rod below threaded connection to plastic housing with magnet.
    The best way is to open bottom part and measure distance from antenna bottom to beginning of active rod, and than you should calculate length of antenna. Totally it has to be something like 68,75 mm (bottom part in magnet housing + Threaded part + antenna rod). Too long can be cut off, too short is a problem.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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