Oshkosh / EAA AirVenture 2022

Live map of Oshkosh area traffic

EAA AirVenture takes off July 25th, 2022! In past years, over 10,000 aircraft and 600,000 attendees have converged on the Oshkosh, WI area for the show. All of this activity typically results in over 30,000 aircraft operations during the show period, making Wittman Field the busiest airport in the world (by operations) during that time.

As aviation geeks and pilots ourselves, we understand the anticipation and excitement around an event like this. ADSBexchange.com collects ADS-B data from around the globe with our mostly volunteer-run 9000+ ground stations, and will be providing not only a live ADS-B traffic map (as we always do, 24x7x365 globally), but also access to a live API and raw data files for all ADS-B activity at the show.

Live Traffic Map (mobile and PC Friendly)

A live map of all aircraft movements will be available at https://osh-flights.com. The interface is both mobile and desktop friendly and will be available ad-free for the duration of the event. We anticipate this page will be useful for folks wanting to get an update on current traffic conditions, as well as spotting aircraft on arrival and following along with the airshow.

Note that for this event we’ve removed some of the advanced options and buttons from the interface to reduce the learning curve for new users. As always, the full interface is available at https://globe.adsbexchange.com.

Live Data API

In addition to the simplified map UI, during the show data will be available from a live API. The API can be queried as follows:

curl --silent --compressed -H 're-api-key: osh-promo-314' 'https://re-api.adsbexchange.com/re-api/?circle=44.01,-88.58,120'

In the example above, the query returns data from all aircraft within 120 nautical miles of KOSH. Valid values for distance are 15, 30, 60, 120, 240.

Feel free to build something cool using this data! We just ask that you credit ADSBexchange.com with a citation and link to the site.

Data Archive

Archived data from the entire week will be available here: https://samples.adsbexchange.com/events