Feed with piAware Image

This method is likely the easiest for non-techies, and involves feeding with an inexpensive Raspberry Pi miniature computer.  Instructions on how to build a feeder and what you may need are shown here: http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

This has been tested with the Raspberry Pi 3, and Pi 2. Other models may also work.

They have a shopping list (the one change I would suggest is to purchase the ProStick+ instead of the ProStick.) If you follow their directions for setup, all you need to change is that instead of downloading “PiAware on Raspbian Linux x.x.x ZIP”, download our modified version here: https://www.adsbexchange.com/downloads/ADSBx-piaware-3.5.3-2.1.zip Version 2.1 is based on the piAware 3.5.3 image.

Follow all their directions and at the end you will not only be feeding FlightAware, but also ADSBexchange.  Please note, we comply with FlightAware’s request not to redistribute FlightAware MLAT calculations back to third parties.  piAware is open source, and we have simply changed/added a few things to the config to forward raw ADS-B and Mode S data to our servers as well, where we perform our own MLAT calculations and send the MLAT results back to your pi. MLAT (Multilateration) uses a technique similar to triangulation to locate aircraft not broadcasting their position.  It requires the cooperation of 3 or more receivers on a network. FlightAware’s MLAT calculations now strip out or anonymize “interesting” traffic like some military, a lot of corporate or high profile/VIP planes anyhow. ADSBexchange does not.

Once you insert the card, boot up your Pi, claim it at FlightAware using http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/claim and set your location on the map, you will be able to find your feeder here after a couple hours: https://www.adsbexchange.com/active-feeds/

If you’re interested in checking out _exactly_ what traffic you are feeding, check out the “Custom Feeds” functionality here.

Please note – the image contains a “phone home” feature that allows us to SSH back into your RPi for support issues.  If you wish to disable this for whatever reason, insert the card in your computer and edit the piaware-config.txt file.  You will see further instructions there.

I will be making improvements to this image over time.  I would like to add support to also feed 360radar in the UK. If anyone in the UK wants to work with me on that, I am willing.  Of course, I know that for some reason the management of 360radar is not a big fan of ADSBexchange, but I’m all for maximum sharing of data.

Version Release Notes

ADSBx-piaware-3.5.3-2.1.img – fixes an issue with claiming receiver on FA website. Also, changes daily reboot to occur at 3am local time based on your location.