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What is ADSBx?

The world’s largest community of unfiltered ADS-B/Mode S/MLAT feeders, providing enthusiasts, researchers, and journalists access to the globe’s most extensive flight data for unprecedented flight monitoring.

Elevate The Exchange

Enhance the quality of our ADS-B Data by contributing to the community.

Ways to Join The Exchange

Existing Equipment

Already have a receiver and want to start contributing to the ADS-B Exchange Network?

Build Your Own

Technically Savvy? Get detailed instructions on building your own ADS-B receiver.

Turnkey Bundle

Looking for a pre-built solution? Apply for a free kit or purchase one to get running in as little as 15 minutes.

Why Join The Exchange?

Unlock premium features like detailed aircraft information and advanced mapping layers, while contributing to critical real-world applications such as search and rescue, wildfire remediation, and flight safety.

Unlock Unfiltered Global Flight Tracking

Your trusted source for high-fidelity, stable, and on-demand aircraft tracking. Let us help customize what’s right for your needs.

Enterprise API

Comprehensive, commercial-grade API

Historical Data

Reasonably priced, unfiltered, unblocked

API Lite

Perfect for hobbyists and enthisiasts