What Is The Exchange?

Founded in 2016 by Dan Streufert, a dedicated IT professional and passionate aviation enthusiast, ADS-B Exchange emerged as a groundbreaking platform for the exploration of diverse aerial activities. Utilizing the power of crowdsourced data, the platform collects radio signals transmitted from aircraft, providing real-time insights into the skies above. What began as a simple hobby quickly captured the imagination of thousands of aviation aficionados worldwide.

In early 2023, ADS-B Exchange joined forces with JETNET, thereby expanding its reach beyond just aviation hobbyists. This partnership empowers a wider audience, including various enterprises and businesses, to tap into the valuable data gathered by the platform. Yet, despite its growth and diversification, ADS-B Exchange remains steadfast in its original mission—offering an unfiltered, uncensored window into global aerial movements.

The richness of ADS-B Exchange’s data is made possible by a global network of dedicated participants. These individuals host signal receivers in their local areas, capturing the radio waves emanating from nearby aircraft. This localized data is then transmitted to ADS-B Exchange, where it is aggregated and displayed on an interactive global map, available for public consumption.

In essence, ADS-B Exchange is more than just a flight-tracking website; it’s a dynamic, collaborative community committed to bringing transparency and inclusivity to the world of aviation.