“Closest” Aircraft (TCAS Cockpit RA’s)

This table is generated based on TCAS alerts received by our network. TCAS is a cockpit system, mandatory on “larger” aircraft. EU and US rules vary, but typically aircraft over 12,500 lbs and/or over 19 passenger seats will be equipped with TCAS.

The TCAS systems in each plane typically talk to one another and coordinate evasive action if necessary. TCAS notifications to the pilot come in two types – “Traffic Advisories” (TAs) and “Resolution Advisories” (RAs). TA’s are informational in nature, while RA’s can require some action by the pilot. An RA can override ATC instructions, since an RA can be extremely time-sensitive.

Below is a simulation of what a TCAS alert looks like in the cockpit. Additionally, you can read all about TCAS here.