ADS-B Exchange is happy to partner with the following organizations, these two-way partnerships help ADS-B Exchange to expand our worldwide feeder network while using the collected data to enact positive change in the world.

ADS-B Exchange is proud to collaborate with C4ADS to support its mission to produce data-driven reporting to understand, prevent, and mitigate global C4AD Logoconflict.  This partnership will yield more receivers in interesting and unusual global locations, ADS-B Exchange will have wider coverage and C4ADS will have more data to enhance their mission.

Dictator Alert LogoRun by 2 freelance journalists and based in East Africa, Dictator Alert tracks the aircraft of authoritarian regimes all over the world. Currently they are tracking over 200 aircraft that belong to “authoritarian regimes” as determined by The Economist Intelligence Unit. This would not be possible without ADS-B Exchange as dictators and government officials are often the first people to demand that trier aircraft be filtered out.

If you are interested in Partnering with ADS-B Exchange, have the ability to assist in growing our network of data feeders, and will be using the data for non commercial purposes to better our world please reach out to us via our contact form.