FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any way to get my flight filtered off you website?

A: The short answer: No… the long answer: No there is not. The simple fact is we do not filter any data from our website, all requests to do so will be ignored regardless of reason.

Q: Is there a way to see the Departure and Destination airport of the aircraft similar to how it is shown on other sites.

A: No. Flight Departure and Destination info is not free nor does it fall within the mission of ADS-B Exchange, while we may be able to add some info at a later date it is not a priority and it will likely only be a small selection of planes from commercial Airlines.

Q: I’m building a project for my company but we aren’t making money off of it, can I get a free API key?

A: Any project for a commercial entity regardless of if the end results are being sold, used internally only, or given away to the public on your website for free still requires a commercial API license. In limited situations ADSBx may choose to allow non-profit, research, or educational entities access to the API at reduced or no charge, in these situations such entities must meet all other requirements including hosting a feeder.