FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I live in XYZ, can you use another feeder there? Where can I see if you need more coverage in my area? Etc.

A: The answer is simple, if you live on planet earth yes we could use a feeder at your location. Though the map may look like you see aircraft in your area already so you would not be helping the truth is you can’t see what you can’t see. To detect aircraft with MLAT we need a minimum of 4 feeders to see it at all and the more the better, and if that aircraft is low you may have to be within a few miles to be able to do that. Plus feeders go up and down all the time as equipment fails and peoples interests wain so the feeder you put up today may be the only one in the area working tomorrow.

Q: Is there any way to get my flight filtered off you website?

A: The short answer: No… the long answer: No there is not. The simple fact is we do not filter any data from our website, all requests to do so will be ignored regardless of reason.

Q: Is there a way to see the Departure and Destination airport of the aircraft similar to how it is shown on other sites.

A: No. Flight Departure and Destination info is not free nor does it fall within the mission of ADS-B Exchange, while we may be able to add some info at a later date it is not a priority and it will likely only be a small selection of planes from commercial Airlines.

Q: I’m building a project for my company but we aren’t making money off of it, can I get a free API key?

A: Any project for a commercial entity regardless of if the end results are being sold, used internally only, or given away to the public on your website for free still requires a commercial API license. In limited situations ADSBx may choose to allow non-profit, research, or educational entities access to the API at reduced or no charge, in these situations such entities must meet all other requirements including hosting a feeder.