Open Source Software

Now ADS-B Exchange would be a bunch of hypocrites if we raved on how this data should be public if we then went and used a bunch of secret computer code to run everything, right?

Well we are very proud to say our entire system is not only built using Open Source software, but that we actively submit improvements to many of those Open Source projects on a regular basis. That means you could actually download every piece of our system from public sources and run a site just like ours, including the multi thousand dollar hosting bills.

Here is some of the software used:

readsb – Mode-S/ADS-B/TIS decoder for RTLSDR, BladeRF, Modes-Beast and GNS5894 devices.

tar1090 – webinterface for an existing dump1090 or readsb installation.

Grafana – open source analytics and monitoring solution for every database.

mlat-client – forwards Mode S messages to a server that resolves the transmitter position by multilateration.

mlat-server – Mode S multilateration server that is designed to operate with clients that do not have synchronized clocks.

adsbexchange-stats – passes information to server to allow tracking of individual feeder data.

zero-tier-one A cryptographically addressed and secure peer to peer network (termed VL1) with an Ethernet emulation layer somewhat similar to VXLAN (termed VL2).

Ubuntu – Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

Raspbian – version of Linux designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi.