Why Join The Exchange?

By sending data from your local area, you not only help “fill in the blanks” on our map, which helps search and rescue and wildfire remediation efforts (and flight safety in general), you also get free access to features normally reserved for premium subscribers. Your data might even be used in accident/incident investigations.

Your access to ADS-B Exchange will include:

  • Ad free map
  • Premium map layers (including satellite)
  • Detailed Aircraft Information
  • Detailed ADS-B data
  • Aircraft Ownership information
  • MLAT
  • Military, commercial, and private aircraft.
  • No filtering or blocking
  • Replay Feature
  • History going back to March 2020
  • Weather radar
  • Aeronautical Charts and Layers
  • Made for aircraft tracking enthusiasts by aircraft tracking enthusiasts!

Besides, it’s fun to see the planes on a map seen by your very own feeder…