ADSBexchange Custom Image: Other feed clients

The Custom Image is published by ADS-B Exchange, but we acknowledge that some users may want to send data to other sites.

When considering which flight tracking services to support with your data, keep the following facts in mind:

Other flight tracking sites block all sorts of aircraft.  This includes aircraft owned by authoritarian regimes, dictators, war criminals, oligarchs, and anyone else who don’t want to be seen. doesn’t believe in blocking aircraft for profit and thus shares all data collected on our global map.

Enabling FlightAware / FlightRadar24 via adsbexchange.local

If you use the ADSBx image, you can install FlightRadar24 / FlightAware clients via the web interface:


If the link above for your LAN is not working, update the web interface itself via the menu and try again.

Alternative Methods: Command line install over SSH

Alternatively you can install clients for FlightRadar24 and FlightAware via the console, a detailed how-to is provided on github.

FlightRadar24:  How-to for installing FlightRadar24 feed client

FlightAware:  How-to for installing FlightAware feed client