iOS App Beta Testing…

Hi all, It’s not made _specifically_ for ADSBexchange, but one of our users, Steve, has created an iOS app for VRS that he is beta testing.  For more details, or to participate, check here:   

New SD card image for feeding

In an effort to further simplify feeding, we have started maintaining an SD card image.  The image is basically a FlightAware “piAware” 3.1.0 image with some changes. Take a look at the “how to feed” section for more details.  This new method requires no SSH access, or command line activities whatsoever. Changes made to the Read More …

Enhancements List

All, I am starting to document the list of enhancements / improvements I am looking at for the site.  I will try to keep this updated on a regular basis, so everyone knows what’s going on. For now, you can see this list here: or go to About -> Planned Enhancements on the menu bar. Read More …

Introducing MLAT Beta Testing!

Due to FlightAware’s decision to start “filtering” some aircraft from their MLAT feeds, ADSBexchange has started a beta test to calculate our own MLAT positions.  For more information on how to participate, check here:

Police Surveillance

This is a very interesting article about police surveillance and how one of these programs works.  Lots of potential here for stopping crime.  What do you think, invasion of privacy or not?