Emergency Services & Civil Air Patrol ADS-B Program

ADS-B Exchange supports the efforts of emergency services, in the US and abroad, with an ADS-B receiver to improve their local area coverage.

Aircraft tracking is a great hobby, but for Civil Air Patrol and other emergency services, having instant access to this data can be a matter of life and death. ADSBexchange already provides no cost aircraft tracking data to many emergency services and disaster response teams. We would like to further support these organizations and the missions by providing hardware to improve their local area operational coverage.

In addition, ADSBexchange can provide technical support for both setting up the equipment and learning how to use the maps and data for last known locations, mission support, and operational awareness.

If you are interested, please contact the ADSBx Team through our Contact Page using an official unit email address. Please be prepared to provide info about your unit and the location you plan to install the equipment.