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Commercial Usage

As noted in the legal terms and conditions, commercial (for profit or non-profit organization) use requires written authorization from ADS-B Exchange.  

Commercial users are required to contact ADS-B Exchange for a commercial data license agreement. While our pricing is far less than other “big” providers, the technical infrastructure for running a site of this scale does require ongoing funds to support it.

No bulk resale or redistribution is permitted without consent from

Global low latency access is available with a commercial usage agreement. Contact for information and pricing. See “Sample Data” section below.

Sample Data

Samples of the data ADS-B Exchange collects are available for evaluation. Complete data from the 1st of each month are made available free of charge.

For commercial agreements, it is possible to push all data to customer-owned cloud storage data buckets (AWS/S3, Azure, etc.) on a daily or more frequent basis for import/analysis by your own tools.

Available Aircraft Data
  • “operations” (in development) – Using ADS-B path data, we determine takeoffs and landings (with runway used) at airports and heliports worldwide.
Supplementary Information

Explanation of data fields:

Aircraft database (updated daily from government and various sources):

Please note that all files are in gzip compressed format. “traces” and “hires-traces” are in gzip format, but do not have the .gz extension. Your web browser may uncompress and display the raw JSON files based on the headers, but any programmatic access should anticipate gzipped JSON.