Accessing Data Collected by ADS-B Exchange

If you find this data useful, or just want to see it’s distribution continue, we greatly appreciate any donations, especially monthly recurring donations, to fund the ongoing operation of the site. This data would cost a significant amount of money to buy from other ADS-B aggregators, and would not include all military, FAA blocklist, LADD et all, and all block requested aircraft.

As noted in the legal terms and conditions, commercial (for profit or non-profit organization) use requires written authorization from ADS-B Exchange.  This is necessary to ensure operating this site remains financially viable and continues to provide unfiltered global tracking services.

All use other than personal non-commercial must have a commercial data license agreement.  We ask that commercial users contribute financially to the operation of this site, if they desire to use the data in any internal or external products.

Attention Developers! 

Please contact ADSBexchange to use the REST API in a public facing application, tool, or software. will work with you to provide the data you require in the most cost efficient way. loves to support enthusiast developers! After all, we’re enthusiasts and developers! will always support search and rescue, investigative journalists, OSINT, Civil Air Patrol, emergency services, and firefighting organizations with no cost data. It is a trivial task to setup at least one receiver, so please consider it.

Unfortunately, all data comes at a cost to Due to the growing number of ‘developers’ setting up very minimal function feeders that do not contribute substantially to, we’ve had to evaluate what is considered beneficial to the enthusiast community in exchange for data access.

Setting up a feeder for the sole purpose of using the data in public facing software that is not for enthusiast use is NOT a use case can always support.

Developers are free to create tools, software, or applications that are ‘free’ and ‘non-commercial’. However, if they are not targeted at enthusiasts, then asks that you use the reasonably-priced API at Rapid API.

Historically, many of these apps and developers have not credited for data, or provided a link back to to setup a feeder, or supported the site. These occurrences saddens everyone that puts in hours of effort to make the only unfiltered unblocked ADS-B tracking site.

The first priority at will always be supporting enthusiasts and those who can do largely beneficial things with the data.

If you are unwilling to setup a feeder, please see our reasonably-priced API at Rapid API:

Proceeds go towards maintaining and improving

There are several methods to obtain ADSBexchange data. All require some level of technical/programming knowledge to use effectively: REST API

Live position data can be queried with various parameters are results returned in a JSON format.

Requirements for REST API data for personal use by enthusiasts:

  1. Hosting a feeder with a range of at least 100NM sending data to ADSBx. instructions ]
  2. Feeder must be a Raspberry Pi (or equivalent) running ADSBX feeder and Stats Package. Feeder must stay active for your key to remain valid.
  3. Certify under penalty of law that you are a personal enthusiast user using the data for non-commercial enthusiast purposes.

To apply for an API key, use the contact form.

ATTENTION: You must include the output of the commands “cat /boot/adsbx-uuid” and “curl” from the device running ADSBx software.

If you need help setting up a feeder please do not use the contact form or email to request help, instead visit our discord #feeder-troubleshooting room here:

If you do not meet all requirements, we suggest the use of our reasonably priced RapidAPI portal. REST API Information

NOTE: Making more than 1 API call every 5 seconds may cause your IP to be blocked.

  • All Aircraft
  • All Aircraft within x NM of point located at latitude, longitude ( 37.1661, -119.44944 )
  • Aircraft with ICAO hex code
  • Aircraft(s) broadcasting a squawk code
  • Aircraft(s) with ADSBx community registration information
  • Aircraft tagged by ADSBx community as Military

This is a good way to get LIVE data.  If you want historical, do NOT call this JSON repeatedly and store it.  Instead, see below for bulk global data!

Historical data in flat file JSON format

If you want to download a historical record of all data received by ADSBexchange, this is the section for you.

Requirements for JSON Historical Data Access:

  1. Hosting a feeder sending data to ADSBx. [instructions]
  2. You are a non-commercial personal or enthusiast user.
  3. A donation for JSON historical data of 0.10 USD per GB to cover AWS S3 storage costs. You pay bandwidth fees directly to AWS via S3 Requester Pays Bucket.

Meet the above requirements?  Contact ADSBexchange for access.

ADSBx requires all academic researchers cover the cost of ingest, aggregation, download, and storage for their use.  If you are an academic researcher with an official email, contact ADSBx for an agreement.

Limited data is available beginning on June 9, 2016.

If you can meet all 3 requirements, you can request access to download the JSON archive historical files here.

Please explain the use case – commercial, non-commercial, or otherwise.  State your intentions for the data, how many days of data, and how often you would like to download.  An account will be created and you will receive an email with information.   ADSBx requires that all published work using ADSBx data credits for providing the data.

All use other than personal non-commercial must have a commercial data license agreement.

Data is available in the legacy data format from June 2016 to present. This legacy format is in the process of being phased out, however it is still maintained for compatability purposes.

How the data is created:

Building on the “Querying Live Data” section above, essentially, every 60 seconds, we issue the following JSON query and store the results.

Please consult this page for an explanation of data field contents.

This file is captured every 60 seconds, typically on the 30-second mark of any given minute. May 2020 and onward historical files are captured every 15 seconds and compiled into a 60 second file. This generates 1,440 files daily, which then get zipped into a single archive per day.  The archive for the previous day is typically available by 0100Z (01:00 UTC) the following day. Data is available beginning on June 9, 2016. Daily files are currently in the neighborhood of 10GB – 20GB each.

Data is only available in an AWS S3 Requester Pays Bucket.

For a full explanation of fields:

Sample Data:

Full data is only available through AWS S3 Requester Pays Bucket. Sample file access has been restricted due to abusive denial of service attempts and multiple concurrent downloads of identical files from a consistent range of IPs.

August 8th, 2020 for times 0000Z – 1459Z is uploaded on github as sample legacy data set. The data set when uncompressed is approximately 55GB of JSON. Compressed as a zip from S3, the August 8th 2020 data set is approximately 12GB.

Legacy VRS format data has some limitations due to the legacy database inaccuracies. Only data broadcast by the aircraft should be considered reliable and accurate.

For a full explanation of fields:

Legacy VRS format for testing:

August 6th, 2020 – 0000Z – 0700Z

August 6th, 2020 – 0701Z – 1400Z

August 6th, 2020 – 1401Z – 2159Z

May 2020 and forward format in new style json coming soon.

Redshift SQL Archive

Decommissioned due to abuse by nefarious individuals.

Read the explanation here: