Accessing Data Collected by ADS-B Exchange

In addition to the browsable map of real-time data, ADS-B Exchange is also making available historical and real-time data for personal/non-profit use at a very low cost.  If you find this data useful, or just want to see it’s distribution continue, we greatly appreciate any donations, especially monthly recurring donations to fund the ongoing operation of the site. This data would cost a significant amount of money to buy elsewhere, and would not include all military, all block listed, and all block requested aircraft.

As noted in the legal terms and conditions, commercial use requires written authorization from ADS-B Exchange.  This is necessary to ensure operating this site remains financially viable so we can continue to provide the service.  We may ask that certain commercial users contribute financially to the operation of this site if they desire to use the data in revenue-generating products.

This service could end at any time if the cost to provide it outweighs incoming revenue/donations.  Please keep that in mind when downloading data/using this service – go easy on the infrastructure if you can. There are very real hosting/bandwidth/storage costs for a large and growing data archive such as we have at ADSBx.

Attention Developers!  Please contact us to use the API in your public app.  We will publish a blog post about our app, if you would like us to do so.  We will also work with you to provide the data you require in the most cost efficient way for ADSBx.


Querying Live Position Data

Live position data can be queried with various parameters are results returned in a JSON format.

Requirements for REST API data access:

  1. Hosting a feeder sending data to ADSBx. instructions ] [ ADSBx Pi image ] [ FlightAware + ADSBx ]
  2. You are a non-commercial personal or enthusiast user.
  3. REST API requires authorization key.  Contact ADSBexchange to get a key.


ADSBx REST API request format

All Aircraft

All Aircraft within x NM of point located at latitude, longitude ( 37.1661, -119.44944 )

Aircraft with ICAO hex code

Aircraft(s) broadcasting a squawk code

Aircraft(s) with ADSBx community registration information

Aircraft tagged by ADSBx community as Military


More REST API Filters coming soon.

  • interesting (user tag)
  • filter by altitude
  • filter by speed


This is a good way to get LIVE data.  If you want historical, do NOT call this JSON repeatedly and store it.  Instead, see below!


Historical Data (by date/time)

If you want to do