Old Data Format

How the data is created:

Building on the “Querying Live Data” section above, essentially, every 60 seconds, we issue the following JSON query and store the results: http://public-api.adsbexchange.com/VirtualRadar/AircraftList.json?trFmt=sa

Essentially, this is a JSON of all aircraft, with “short trails” activated. The short trail duration used in the historical data archive is 65 seconds.  This gives all the current information on the aircraft, plus any known positions, altitudes and timestamps for the previous 65 seconds.  Since this query is issued every 60 seconds, all known positions should be captured in the data. Please consult this page for an explanation of data field contents.

This file is captured every 60 seconds, typically on the 30-second mark of any given minute. This generates 1,440 files daily, which then get zipped into a single archive per day.  The archive for the previous day is typically available by 0100Z (01:00 UTC) the following day. Data is available beginning on June 9, 2016. Daily files are currently in the neighborhood of 10 GB each.

Transfer rates may be somewhat limited depending on the latency of your connection.

JSON Download URL request format:


Simply extrapolate the pattern for any subsequent date.

For a full explanation of fields: https://www.adsbexchange.com/datafields

Sample Data:

Full data is password protected, however to give you a sample data set (for evaluation only) we do make the 1st day of each month available publicly for download without a password.

See https://history.adsbexchange.com/downloads/samples.