Future Enhancements

Ok, so I have a lot of ideas how we can improve the site, and I’ve also gotten a lot of suggestions from all of you. As with most things, there is much more to do that I have time available to do it! In case you didn’t already know, I have a “regular” day job and a young child that both keep me rather busy. Enhancements are done on an “as able” basis.

The primary shortage is my time.  If anyone wants to volunteer to assist and has technical skills, get in touch!

So, I’m going to keep (and update) the following list of things I’d like to do with the website. These are generally, somewhat in priority order:

  1. Add fourth server to receive incoming ADS-B data from contributors.
  2. Add an additional MLAT server after figuring out how to direct incoming MLAT data to the correct server based on geographic location.
  3. Come up with a better way for contributors to see stats on what they’re contributing.
  4. Bring MLAT out of “Beta” status and provide instructions on how to feed MLAT and ADS-B data from various platforms. (Ie windows, SBS-1, etc.)
  5. Do some tune ups on off-site backup strategy.
  6. Upgrade to VRS 2.4 and get Google maps API key.
  7. Historical data is available for all data ordered by time. Would like to add historical data queriable by specific aircraft/ICAO hex code.
  8. Streamlined method for users to submit database updates as well as aircraft pictures.
  9. Investigate possible ad-free service for data (and/or monetary) contributors.
  10. Implement more details for “positionless” mode S traffic. For example, location(s) of receivers seeing the aircraft would give general location.
  11. Implement a better system (outside of VRS) to visualize historic data.
  12. Replace forum software with something more robust.
  13. I’ve gotten many requests for an iOS/Android app.  I think there is an opportunity here for a mobile app developer to develop something compatible with VRS, and able to process data in VRS JSON format. If anyone wants to tackle that, get in touch.
  14. MLAT for Mode C aircraft using transponder code as possible “unique” ID. Obviously would not work for 1200, 2000, etc. sqwaks.